San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
18 December 2008
Jack Leathers, Art Buckley, Mike McAdoo
Despite the wintry weather, a goodly number of members showed up at the UICC for the Christmas
fund raiser. Following dinner, Gary Yee opened the floor for anyone who wished to speak on any
topic. Jack Leathers gave a moving recital of his account of the 1st Minnesota at Gettysburg, the
same that he delivered at Ormond Eckley's memorial Service.
Bill Yee, Gary Yee, Richard Hill
Gary Yee followed with an amusing account of Richard "Bird" Davidson's attempt to get the
Confederates to finance his vision of a fleet of iron "Artisavises" which, propelled by steam engines,
would fly over the Union lines and drop bombs on them.

The book auction fund raiser which followed was lively, since many members had contributed a wide
selection of books for the event, including an autographed copy of "Conquering the Valley" by
Robert Krick. So many books were offered that some were held over for another meeting. A total of
$178.00 was raised.
An autographed poster for James
McPherson's book "Tried by War," one
of only one hundred signed, was also
held over for another day.