19th June 2008

New President, Gary Yee, opened the meeting with a reminder about our hosting
of the November 2010 West Coast Civil War Conference. He called for
volunteers to participate in the many organizational tasks, including Program,
Housing, Transport, Entertainment, etc. Those wishing to become involved in
working on this important event should contact Gary at (415) 566-5085, or email
Ella Highland, Shari Videlock, Zoya Smithton
Jack Leathers gave a scholarly readiing of his paper on John Fulton
. Reynolds was a highly respected Union officer who had fought with
distinction in the Mexican War and commanded at West Point. In the Civil War
he served under McLellan, Burnside and Hooker. Just before Gettysberg,
President Lincoln offered him  the Army of the Potomac but Reynolds turned him
down because Lincoln would not guarantee him total command. George Meade
received the post instead (as an order, not an offer). Reynolds' spirited defence in
the early part of the battle at Gettysberg delayed the Confederates and gave
Meade the time needed to position his forces. Reynolds died in battle on 1st July
Jack Leathers
Ormond Eckley
Immediate Past President, Wayne Padgett, who had campaigned
energetically for the June meeting, was censured for his absence and, by
unanimous voice vote, ordered to buy drinks for everybody at the next