Round Table Meeting of October 2008
At the United Irish Cultural Center on October 16th, Wayne Padgett, our immediate past
president, described in enthralling detail the story of
Grierson's Raid in 1863. On April
17th, Colonel Benjamin Grierson set out from Tennessee with 1,700 cavalrymen to
disrupt and destroy the Confederate railroad system supporting Vicksburg. With the aid of
some excellent graphics, Wayne led us through the whirlwind campaign, as Grierson and
his men rode through 600 miles of enemy territory to accomplish their mission.
Wayne also introduced some clips from John
Ford's film "The Horse Soldiers," a movie
based (loosely) on Grierson's Raid, and
starring John Wayne and William Holden. The
differences between the movie and the true
story were outlined in the course of a
discussion of John Ford's career, whcih
elicited a number of informative comments and
anecdotes from the members present.
Because Gary Yee was absent on a flintlock project, Wayne also acted as Chair
for the evening, altogether a stellar performance which was greatly enjoyed by all
Bob and Judy Hubbs