San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
19 February 2009
Brad and Patti Schall
In the past twelve years, Brad Schall has given ten presentations to the SFCWRT. His talk on "The
Political Climate in California, 1850-1870," on February 19th was as entertaining and informative as
its nine predecessors.
An enthusiastic audience listened enthralled as Brad unfolded a tapestry of colorful characters who
inhabited the world of California politics during the Civil War period. The litany included John C.
Fremont, William Gwin, Thomas Starr King, Mammy Pleasant, and Rosie O'Neal Greenhowe. Brad
included stories of the more than three hundred slaves who lived in California at the time, including
Archie Lee, who was arrested and acquitted eight times on charges of running away from his master.
As he finished to thunderous applause, he left everyone asking for more. Each one of the amazing
stories that Brad touched on would be a fitting subject for a presentation on its own.  We look
forward to having Brad Schall back again for another fine Round Table evening.
Click here to read a detailed report of Brad's presentation.