San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
15 January 2009
Charlie Sweeny, Wayne Padgett, Judy Hubbs, Bob Hubbs
The first meeting of 2009 started off with near-record numbers assembled at the United Irish Cultural
Center to hear Zoyd Luce's informative exegesis on Lincoln's early problems with the Supreme
Court, which were chiefly due to the intransigence of the Chief Justice, Roger Taney. Taney was the
author of the Dred Scott decision in 1857 and went on to oppose Lincoln on many of his efforts in
the war, includiing the blockade of the Confederacy and the suspension of habeas corpus. With the
death of Taney and Lincoln's appointment of Salmon B. Chase  to the Court, Lincoln's problems
with that august body eased considerably.
Zoyd Luce, Jason Luce
The remaining books and posters from
the December auction were raffled off,
raising more than $90. Charlie Sweeney
proposed sending the proceeds of the
auction and raffle to the Civil War
Restoration Fund. The motion was
Patrick Doyle, Joan Keller
Dick Lynn gave an account of the recent
trip that he and his wife took, following
the path of Sherman's march across
Georgia. Their guide was Ed Bearss, the
Chief Historian Emeritus of the National
Parks Service and Dick remains in awe
of Ed's incredible memory and his  
descriptive abilities.