The San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
19th November 2009
The meeting opened at 6:45pm with V.P. Bob Quinn officiating in the absence of
President Patrick Doyle.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

There was no treasurer’s report.

Minutes of the last meeting were read.

Past President Gary Yee’s book on the American Sharpshooter has been published and
he brought a copy for members to see.

After dinner our guest speaker,
Chris Waldrep, a history professor at SFSU, gave a talk
on Vicksburg and the forming of the National Park. First he gave an outline of his
research, his searching pension records for letters and diaries, and gave a brief description
of the 45 day siege. He told of the Union dead who were buried in makeshift graves or
none at all and the indifference of the locals to properly bury the fallen Union soldiers after
shallow graves or dykes gave way in later years.

The Spanish American War and World War One gave new interest in forming a park and
a national cemetery.  

After a question and answer session, the meeting was concluded at 8:45

WW Padgett
Chris Waldrep