The San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
17th September 2009
New President Patrick Doyle opened the meeting with the customary Pledge of Allegiance.

The twenty-eight members and guests then briefly introduced themselves and many talked of their
interest in the Civil War and their enjoyment of the monthly meetings. Three new members were
warmly welcomed: John Borcher, Gildo Lopez, and Clifford Moss. Kudos to Art Buckley for his
splendid recruiting efforts!

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously approved that Bob Bowen be elected Program Chair,
effective 18th June 2009.

Following a delicious repast provided by the culinary geniuses of the United Irish Cultural Center,
President Doyle introduced the evening's speaker, Deborah (Debbie) Petite. The title of Debbie's
talk was "The Women Will Howl" and she told us the little-known story of  what took place in
Roswell, Georgia in July of 1864. Union General William T. Sherman ordered the arrest and
deportation of more than four hundred woman and children from the villages of Roswell and New
Manchester. Branded traitors for their work in the cotton and woollen mills which supplied much
needed material to the Confederacy, these civilians were shipped to refugee-laden cities in the North
and left to fend for themselves. Debbie spend more than ten years researching the founding of
Roswell, the prevalent atmosphere in the area, and the hardships these women and children endured
after they were forcibly taken from their homes. As she said herself "It was a story that needed to be
told" and Debbie told it in a lucid and very moving presentation.
Gary Yee, Debbie Petite, Randy Holderfield, Jack Frohlich
Gildo Lopez, Clifford Moss
John Borcher