The San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
15th April 2010
Winchell Hayward led the assembled gathering in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Jeffrey Vaillant, of Friends of Civil War Alcatraz, gave a status report on the
arrangements for the
2010 West Coast Civil War Conference, for which San
Francisco is the host city. Meeting rooms have been reserved at the War Memorial
Building, speakers are lined up, and caterers contracted. More information about
the Conference can be found
The President reminded members that elections to the Board of Officers will take
place at the June meeting.
Our guest speaker was Hal Jesperson, who
gave a detailed and enthralling account of
William Starke Rosecrans, who had a
distinguished and successful career in the
U.S. Army, achieving victories in Western
Virginia, at Iuka, Corinth, and Stones River,
and in his brilliant Tullahoma Campaign. He
would be remembered as one of the great
generals of the American Civil War if it were
not for two factors: a poorly worded order at
Chickamauga and a less than friendly
relationship with fellow general Ulysses S.
Grant. Hal's talk covered "Old Rosy's" early
life and military career, his Civil War
campaigns, and his postbellum career and
The quality and clarity of Hal's visual aids set
the bar high for future presenters.
Hal Jesperson