The San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
18th February 2010
Our feature presentation was "Civil War Sharpshooters by Gary Yee. Gary's talk focused on
who the sharpshooters were, what they did, and their influence on the Civil War battlefield.  An
attentive audience went away with a greater appreciation of the role of the sharpshooter. Gary is a
master of his subject and clearly demonstrated his in-depth knowledge with a well explained history
of sharpshooters and snipers, where those terms originated, and what were the differences between
the Union and Confederate approaches to sharpshooters.
An energetic discussion session followed, with many participants displaying an impressive knowledge
of firearms, munitions, and military tactics. It was an example of what the Round Table is all about:
expert presentation followed by reasoned discourse. May we have more like this.
For those who missed it, Gary's book is available at