The San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
20th May 2010
Winchell Hayward led the assembled gathering in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gary Yee gave a status report on the arrangements for the 2010 West Coast Civil
War Conference
, for which San Francisco will be the host city in November.
Meeting rooms have been reserved at the War Memorial Building, speakers are
lined up, and caterers contracted. More information about the Conference can be

Mike McAdoo won a copy of the quarterly Civil War Journal from Kent
University Press by being the first to name the six flags that flew over Texas
(France, Spain, Mexico, Texas, Confederate and Union).

President Doyle announced the Board decision to cancel the June meeting, due to
member absences and lack of a guest speaker. The next meeting will be September
16th, at which the new Board will be elected.

Our guest speaker, Dr. John Sotos, is currently Adjunct Professor of Medicine at
the University of North Carolina, CEO of Apneos Corporation, a colonel in the Air
National Guard, and a medical technical advisor for the television series "House."
His topic was "The Physical Lincoln."
Based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts of Lincoln and on all 130 surviving
photographs of him, "The Physical Lincoln" provides the surprising answer: cancer
would have killed Lincoln in less than a year.
Dr. Sotos showed how a master diagnostician would analyze Lincoln's hands, feet,
lips, heart, and so on to reach the inescapable conclusion that Lincoln and four
members of his family had a rare genetic cancer syndrome called MEN2B.
In a spell-binding presentation, he discussed the earlier possibility that Lincoln had
suffered from Marfan Syndrome and showed that it was most likely the much rarer
MEN2B instead. Lincoln's rapid physical decline in 1865 indicated that he had
thyroid cancer, a result of MEN2B.
Dr. Soros received extended applause from an enthusiastic audience for one of the
most unusual and highly professional presentations at the SFCWRT.

His intriguing web site can be found at
Program Chair Bob Bowen with Guest Speaker Dr. John Sotos