The San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
21st April 2011
The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Steve Harrington.

Mike McAdoo introduced guest Richard Crowe, a former member, visiting from Fresno.

The President welcomed
Angie Durso who been absent for three months, recovering from a fall.

Jeffrey Vaillant reminded members that Friends of Civil War Alcatraz will be hosting Living
History Day on Alcatraz on May 7th. (See "

The monthly raffle for books was held, adding to the prize fund for the Sesquicentennial Essay
Contest, which closes May 13th.

Joan Keller displayed a sheet of the newly issued "Civil War" stamps from the Post Office. More
information on these impressive "forever stamps"
Joan Keller, Richard Crowe, Mike McAdoo
Our guest speaker was Ron Perisho, who is an avid collector of stereo photos, cameras, and
images from the early years of photography. Using dual digital projectors, Ron  gave us a tour of
the Charleston area in the Civil War era. Most of the photographs taken at that time were stereo
cards, dual images taken with twin cameras. By careful restoration of negatives from the National
Archives and elsewhere, Ron and his colleague assembled the stereo cards into a stunning display
of crisp, three dimensional images. We saw pictures of slave quarters in 1859, Charleston from
1860 to 1865, Forts Sumter, Moultrie, Wagner, Jackson and others. It was a unique experience,
one that members will remember for some time to come.
Gildo Lopez, Bob Bowen, Ron Perisho