The San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
18th October 2012
The President called the meeting to order at 7:45pm. A large attendance (twenty eight souls)
recited the Pledge of Allegiance, led by
Gildo Lopez.

David Hargrave, Bob Lawhon, and Charlie Sweeny introduced their guests, and Charles
r, invited by Wayne Padgett, introduced himself.

The President recognized newly paid-up members:
Mike Mitchell, Bob Lawhon, and John and
Colleen Kilkeary

Members were reminded about the
28th West Coast Civil War Conference which will be held
in Costa Mesa in November; details

Bob Lawhon offered copies of the latest newsletter from the San Francisco Corral of Westerners
. Their next meeting will be October 23rd.

Our guest speaker was
Zoyd Luce, whose topic was entitled "Stonewall Jackson and the
Religion of Duty."

Zoyd had obviously studied his subject in great detail and shared with us his opinions of this
convoluted historical character. Orphaned at an early age, Jackson was brought up by an uncle.
When an opportunity arose to be nominated for an opening at West Point, he persuaded everyone
he knew to write to the nominating congressman on his behalf. Jackson was not so much interested
in a military career as in a free education. In his first year at West Point he came last in every
subject, however he applied himself to studying, often all through the night, and graduated 25th in a
class of several hundred. He never made friends, never socialized.
Zoyd continued on through Jackson's time at VMI, where his personality quirks became even more
evident, to his early days in the Confederate army. Openly fascinated by his subject, Zoyd
concluded that Jackson was probably one of the best generals of his time, and probably "a
despicable person."

After some discussion, the meeting concluded at 9:10pm.