San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
Thursday 20th June 2013
at the United Irish Cultural Center
2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco

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The meeting opened at 6:45pm with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Gildo Lopez.  Guests
were introduced and the President reminded members of the upcoming talk on "the Physical
Lincoln" by
Dr. John Sotos at the San Jose Tech Center on June 23rd (details).
Wayne Padgett,  Fin Doyle,  Liz Doyle
Mark Frazier and his colleagues from Sacramento announced their efforts to make a Civil
War short film. Information about their project is on our home page at

Members were reminded again that a  
Living History Day will be presented at Fort Point
on August 17th (
Bob Lawhon (L)


Paul Rosenberg (R)
Guest speaker, Peter Robinson, gave an
excellent presentation on
"Ulysses S. Grant,
his friendships and his legacy."
Grant's friends included James Longstreet,
William Tecumseh Sherman, and Mark Twain,
among others. Peter  discussed how these
various friendships influenced Grant's decisions.
He also examined Grant's legacy and what we
might learn from his successes and mistakes.
Peter ended by contrasting Grant's performances
when commanding as a general and when
governing as President.
Following a lively question and answer session,
the meeting concluded at 8:50pm.
The following were elected to the Board of Officers for the 2013 - 2014 season:

             President:                Patrick Doyle
             Vice President:        David Hargrave
             Secretary:                Steve Harrington
             Treasurer:                Joan Keller
             Member at large:      Wayne Padgett