San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
Thursday 16th May 2013
at the United Irish Cultural Center
2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco

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                   Holly Springs - Grant's Worst Nightmare?
                                                   presented by
                                       Bob Hubbs

Bob detailed the Holly Springs Raid and reviewed Grant’s greatest challenge.
Grant’s strategy for the capture of
Vicksburg and the final phase of the Anaconda Plan
were introduced and discussed. The first campaign for the capture of Vicksburg and the
ramifications of that effort were also presented. What was Grant’s reaction to the
incompetent response to the attack by
Van Dorn and his cavalry and the capture of Holly
Springs? Why of all of the events in Grant’s life was the Holly Springs Raid a worse
nightmare than other events?

Bob Hubbs was raised in Fulton County, Illinois  
--- Land of Lincoln. He is the great, great grandson
of four soldiers of four Illinois Civil War Regiments.

Bob is an active member of the South Bay CWRT,
Peninsula CWRT, and San Francisco CWRT, the
Ulysses S Grant Association, and Friends of Civil
War Alcatraz

He was a participant at fourteen of the last fifteen
West Coast Civil War Conferences.  

Bob is Pro Union, Pro Grant, Pro Lincoln or as he has been called, “A damn Yankee”!