San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                     Thursday 19th September 2013
                    at the United Irish Cultural Center
                    2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
A record attendance of thirty-five members and guests rose for thr Pledge of Allegiance
promptly at 6:45pm. This being the first meeting of the season, following the summer break,
members introduced themselves and their guests. New members
Bruce and Penny Castleman
were warmly welcomed.
Fred Martin introduced his guest, Tom Cummins, and announced that
his (Fred's) new book on Lincoln would be published shortly.
Paul and Sherrie Rosenberg
introduced their son, Colman and
Richard Hill introduced his daughter.


                                                     Bruce and Penny Castleman


                                                     Norman and Evie Tutorow


                                                       Richard and Evadna Lynn

Guest speaker, Dr. Robert Chandler, gave a
captivating presentation on California in the Civil War.
By population, California was a Border State with people
from everywhere.  In 1861, Unionist sentiment predominated.
Rebs who wanted to fight went South.  The 1860 election
gave Unionists the Federal offices, all the state offices and
soon the legislature.  The piratical Chapman affair, happening
while the legislature was in session, led to Secesh proscription
and the rise of the secret Union League, which in 1864
embarrassed loud-mouthed Democrats, sending them to Fort
Alcatraz.  In the 1850s, pro-slavery Democrats ran the state.  
The Republican-Unionist victory brought equality under the
law for all.
Drawing on his deep knowledge of the subject, Bob entertained
not only with fascinating anecdotes but also with multiple voices
and even treated us to some verses of the song sung by the
Confederate sympathizer prisoners as they shovelled sand on
After his presentation, members flocked to see the many
historical artifacts that Bob had on display, a small sampling from his years of collecting.

The meeting ended at 9:00pm.