San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                         Thursday17th April 2014
                    at the United Irish Cultural Center
                    2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco

The meeting started at 6:45pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and the introduction of new
Catherine Krebs and her guest.

Mike McAdoo reported that Treasurer Emerita Joan Keller would be returning to her home
this week.

Bob Lawhon encouraged members to attend the meeting of Westerners to be held on Tuesday
April 22nd at L'Olivier on Davis Street.

Historian and writer
Ken Bruce gave a spirited presentation on "The Seven Days Battle
Before Richmond."
With an energetic theatricality seldom seen at SFCWRT meetings, Ken
took us through a condensed account of the Civil War with a particular focus on McClellan's
performance in the Seven Days battles around Richmond. With the exception of Malvern Hill,
McClellan appeared to those in Washington to be retreating and back-tracking. Ken postulated
that, after Malvern Hill, McClellan was positioned to advance on Petersburg and then attack
Richmond from the south. By this time however, Lincoln could tolerate the "slows" no more and
relieved him of command.
At the end of the dynamic performance, the members were as exhausted as the Army of the

Program Chair
Bob Hubbs announced that our May  Speaker will be Ted Savas, speaking on  
"Lincoln and Davis at War."

The meeting ended at 9:00pm.
Speaker Ken Bruce and Program Chair Bob Hubbs.