San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                      Thursday15th May 2014
                 at the United Irish Cultural Center
                 2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the President led the members in a round of
heartfelt applause to welcome back
Joan Keller, after a long absence.

                            Larry Block, Joan Keller, Paul Rosenberg

After the introduction of guests, members were reminded of the upcoming
Memorial Day ceremonies at USS San Francisco (Lands End) on Sunday 25th
and at the National Cemetery in the Presidio on Monday 26th. Details of these
ceremonies can be found under "Upcoming Events."

The President asked for volunteers and/or nominations for the Board elections
to be held at next month's meeting.

Bob Bowen conducted a lively raffle of a fine selection of Civil War books with
his usual panache and gusto. Members gave generously.

Guest speaker
Ted Savas gave a spellbinding presentation on the CSS
, the Confederate ironsides that fought so valiantly around Vicksburg.

So skillfully did he portray this epic tale that one could almost smell the
gunpowder and hear the screams of the wounded sailors. The Arkansas fought
and won four battles with the combined Union fleets of
Davis and Farragut
between leaving the Yazoo river and almost reaching Baton Rouge.
So engrossed were his listeners that we ran over our usual time, and still had a
question an answer period.

Program Chair
Bob Hubbs announced that our June speaker will be
Christopher Webber

The meeting ended at 9:30pm.