San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                           Thursday 20th November 2014
                        at the United Irish Cultural Center
                        2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
 A smaller than usual group of enthusiasts braved the long-awaited rain to
hear Dr. Donald Hayden speak on "Civil War Battlefield Medicine."

Don Hayden, Bob Hubbs, Scottie Hayden

      Don described in some detail the primitive condition of medical practices at
the onset of the war, the lack of hygiene, ignorance about bacteria, and general
absence of proper medical organization. Gradually things improved under the
outstanding guidance of Surgeon General William Hammond and Medical
Director Jonathan Letterman - and despite the obstructionist actions of Secretary
of War Edwin Stanton.
      The Q&A session included a gory description of amputation techniques
which might have been Too Much Information.

      Program Chair Bob Hubbs announced that December's speaker would be
Bruce Castleman, speaking on "The Canadian Front in 1864."

      The meeting concluded at 9:00pm.