San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                            Thursday16th October 2014
                         at the United Irish Cultural Center
                         2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco

A large and enthusiastic audience of members and guests was held spellbound
Harry Bulkeley's portrayal of Ulysses S. Grant. Using a minimum of props
plus some changes of costume, Harry took us through Grant's life, from his  
boyhood in Ohio through to his death in New York in 1885. We listened as
"Grant" told us of his days at West Point, the Mexican-American War, his
marriage to Julia Dent and his misery at being separated from her while posted
to the Pacific Northwest. He didn't gloss over his drinking problems, leading to
his resignation from the Army and the hardscrabble life that followed until he
reenlisted at the outbreak of the Civil War. His uniforms changed as he
progressed through promotions and campaigns, culminating in his victory at
Appomattox. Two terms as President followed and then came tragedy, first
financial ruin at the hands of an unscrupulous financier and then physical ruin
from tongue and throat cancer. With the help of his friend Samuel Clemens he
struggled to finish his memoirs so that his wife would have some income after
he died. In the finale we see Grant, old and infirm, wrapped in a blanket, hoping
for peace at last. After a hushed pause the audience burst into prolonged and
enthusiastic applause. But the best was yet to come, In the Q&A session that
followed, the audience addressed Harry as "General Grant" and he responded
with Grant's persona, showing his in-depth knowledge of his subject and
displaying great spontaneity in his responses.

                      These fine pictures taken by Greg Bottini.

Bob Hubbs announced that in November Dr. Donald Hayden will speak to us
about Battlefield Medicine in the Civil War.