San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                                  Thursday 16th April 2015
                               at the United Irish Cultural Center
                               2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
      Following the customary social session at the bar, the members adjourned
to the dining room and began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.          

      The President made a brief speech, pointing out that the organization's
finances are not in good health. He outlined a number of Board decisions to
remedy this:
                      Emailing the monthly newsletter instead of regular mail
                      Increasing the annual dues by a possible 50%
                      Charging non-members for attendance at meetings

      Guest speaker Hal Jespersen presented "Civil War Cartography."


      One of the most important features of a modern book about the Civil War
is a good collection of accurate, understandable maps. Hal revealed some of the
details behind the process for creating such maps. He discussed the state of
mapmaking during the war itself, reviewed the work of some famous
cartographers, and described the tools and processes he uses to create maps.      
Some of the  technical concepts included were projection, elevation rendering,
evaluating the accuracy of the Official Records Atlas, and plotting the courses of
19th century rivers, roads, and railways.

      Prior to adjournment, Program Chair Bob Hubbs announced that the
speaker on May 21st will be David Wiegand, speaking on Lincoln's monuments.