San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                         Thursday 17th December 2015
                      at the United Irish Cultural Center
                      2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco

     Following the Pledge of Allegiance the President informed members of the
passing of long-time Round Table member
Jack Leathers. Jack passed away in
November; he was eighty-two.

Ormond Eckley Award for
significant contributions to the Round Table
was presented to
Bob Hubbs in recognition
of his stellar work as Program Chair.
     The presentation was greeted with
enthusiastic applause from all present.

                                                                  A record-setting book raffle was
                                                                  conducted by
Bob Bowen, seen
                                                                  here with
Roy Askeland.
Bob disposed of twenty-six
                                                                  books and generated a welcome
                                                                  year-end boost to our finances.

     Our guest speaker was
Phil Avila,
a Civil War expert with considerable
knowledge, especially of Gettysburg.
Phil's subject was Confederate General
William Barksdale. In vibrant tones
Phil described Barksdale's attack on the
Union line at Gettysburg. Against great
odds, Barksdale led his Mississippi
troops at the Peach Orchard and was on
the point of breaching the Union ranks
when he was felled by numerous bullets and died shortly afterwards.
     In Phil's opinion, Barksdale's charge is deserving of more  remembrance
than that of George Pickett in the same battle.
     A spirited discussion followed.

     Program Chair
Bob Hubbs announced that the January speaker will be
David Dixon, speaking on The Lost Gettysburg Address.

     The meeting concluded with good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.