San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                               Thursday 18th June 2015
                            at the United Irish Cultural Center
                            2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
    The meeting commenced at 6:45pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and the
introduction of guests.

      Having confirmed that there were no more volunteers for the Board of
Officers, the President announced that the current Board had consented to serve



Roy Askeland (L) with Marilyn & Ron Frederick

      Bob Bowen conducted a highly successful book raffle with his usual
panache, not  to mention savoir faire.

      The President reminded members that, starting in September, the
newsletter would be distributed by email only.


Mary Kunitake with speaker Marty Cain. They discovered
that they had been to grade school together back in Illinois!

      Guest speaker
Marty Cain gave an excellent presentation on "Baseball in
the Civil War," covering not only the war period but also the development of the
game itself. Spoiler alert: it wasn't invented by Abner Doubleday. I think it
would be safe to say that Marty covered all the bases.

      Program Chair
Bob Hubbs announced that the September speaker will be
David G. Moore speaking on "William S. Rosecrans and the Union Victory."