San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                              Thursday 16th June 2016
                         at the United Irish Cultural Center
                         2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
   The meeting commenced at 6:45pm with the Pledge of Allegiance led by
Steve Harrington.

   The President announced  Civil War reenactments to be held at Duncans
on July 16th - 17th.

Mary Kunitake announced that members will be receiving an
email reminding them that annual dues are now payable.

      There being no other volunteers to serve on the Board, the following slate
was unanimously elected:
                                      David Hargrave
                                      Steve Harrington
                                      Mary Kunitake
                                      Bob Hubbs  
                                      Bruce Castleman

      Featured speaker
Bob Hubbs gave a presentation entitled "Four Regiments
and Four Privates."    Being from Illinois, Bob elected to follow the paths of
four Illinois infantry regiments throughout the war. He also selected a private
from each regiment and traced their careers and their family development. It
was apparent that a tremendous amount of research had gone into the
presentation, with much searching of archives and tracking of tombstones. All
became clear at the very end when Bob revealed that the "Four Privates" were
his great, great grandfathers. A stunned silence was followed by enthusiastic

      The Program Chair announced that September's topic will be "The
Commodore and the Copperhead," presented by
Bruce Castleman.  

      The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.