San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                              Thursday 24th March 2016
                           at the United Irish Cultural Center
                           2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
      The meeting commenced at 6:45pm with the Pledge of Allegiance led by
Steve Harrington.

Bob Lawhon announced that the next Westerners meeting, on April 26th,
will feature San Francisco journalist
Carl Nolte as guest speaker.

Carol Fleming announced the production of a play based on Paul
Fleishman's book "Bull Run" which will be performed at the Presidio Officers'
Club in the summer. Carol solicited members' participation as actors and/or

      The President reminded members that Living History Day will be
celebrated on Alcatraz on April 9th.

Bob Bowen conducted another lively book raffle which raised some
welcome funds for the SFCWRT exchequer.

      Our guest speaker was
Meg Groeling who spoke on "My Spirit Passing
By: Sullivan Ballou's Story."
Sullivan Ballou was an officer in
the 2nd Rhode Island regiment who
was mortally wound at the first
battle of Bull Run. Meg described
vividly his ante-bellum life in Rhode
Island where he was a lawyer and
politician. When the war broke out
he was appointed major under
Colonel John Slocum. Prior to the
first battle Ballou wrote a loving
letter to his wife which became
famous through being featured in
Ken Burn's "Civil War" series.
      On July 21st 1861, in the early stages of the battle, both Ballou and Slocum
were grievously wounded. They both eventually died and were buried in the
cemetery at Sudley Church nearby. Some months later Ballou's remains were
dug up, desecrated, decapitated, and burned by Confederate soldiers, thought to
have been the 21st Georgia regiment.

      This final incident occupied most of the discussion after Meg's talk. Most
members had never heard of the event and many professed surprise at the

      Program Chair
Bob Hubbs announced that our April speaker will be Ted
with the topic "Lincoln And Davis At War."

      The meeting concluded at 9:25pm and many members lingered to purchase
copies of Meg's book "The Aftermath Of Battle."