San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                          Thursday 15th September 2016
                        at the United Irish Cultural Center
                        2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco
The September monthly meeting was held at the United Irish Cultural Center,
2700 45th Ave., San Francisco, CA, convening at 6:45 pm.  Current Board
members in attendance were:  Bruce Castleman, President-elect; David
Hargrave, Vice-President; and Stephen Harrington, Secretary.

A request was made by the Vice President to the Secretary that minutes be
taken of the September monthly meeting, due to the fact that a vote was to be
held with the membership to confirm the specific election of the following slate
of board members to the following offices:
•        President:  Mr. Bruce Castleman
•        Vice President:  Mr. Dave Hargrave
•        Treasurer:  Mrs. Mary Kunitake
•        Programs Chairs:  Mr. Wayne Padgett and Mr. Bruce Castleman
•        Secretary:  Mr. Steve Harrington
Vice President Hargrave presented the proposed list of officers to the
membership.  An offer to entertain additional officer nominations was proposed,
but the membership declined to nominate any additional candidates.  A vote of
acclamation was taken for the above list of proposed officers, and all of the
above officers were elected to the positions above by a unanimous vote from
the membership.

After the election of officers was concluded, President–elect Castleman
presented his presentation on “The Commodore and the Copperhead”.
The meeting was concluded at approximately 8:45 pm.

Submitted by:  Stephen Harrington, Secretary