San Francisco Civil War Round Table Meeting
                               Thursday 18th May 2017
                           at the United Irish Cultural Center
                           2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco

                             Bonds of Union
presented by
                         Professor Bridget Ford

    Americans today worry that social and political divisions threaten our democracy
and our futures together, bound by one nation. Bridget Ford will offer valuable
historical perspective from the Civil War era, this country's greatest test of unity and
moral purpose. Drawing from her recent book, "Bonds of Unity," Ford will show
how diverse Americans worked to create a stronger, more inclusive nation that
prevented the country's permanent dissolution.
    Her talk will focus on the establishment of publicly funded schools for all
children, and the new Republican party's critical involvement in that effort in the
1850s. She will argue that the United States has a longer, deeper history of imagining
an inclusive society than we typically imagine, one that stretches back to the decades
before the Civil War.

            Professor Bridget Ford
            California State University
            East Bay