Living History at Alcatraz
The bad weather forecast for Saturday, 23rd February did not seem to deter the
thousands who took the ferry ride across the grey waters of San Francisco Bay to
Alcatraz Island where Friends of Civil War Alcatraz and the National Park
Service hosted a Living History day. Under gloomy skies the enthusiastic visitors
watched reenactors provide impressions of Alcatraz during the Civil War. The
California Historical Artillery Society gave a graphic demonstartion of howitzer
operation in the sallyport, Captain Doug Erickson commanded an armed escort
taking ball and chain carrying prisoners to the cells, and a superb brass band
played a spirited selection of nineteenth century airs. John Martini and Brad Schall
were tireless, leading groups of eager attendees through the history of the island on
a tour entitled "Arms, Armament and Architecture."
FOCWA, NPS, and all the reenactors are to be commended for a well planned
and brilliantly executed day of Living History at this important site.